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Best Halloween Costumes for your Pets (Dogs and Cats)

Its October and that means nearly Treat or Treat time. Therefore, it’s time to start planning Halloween costumes both for ourselves and our four legged friends. Halloween parties are a big thing in England and kids most of all will want to get dressed in fancy costumes and walk round the block seeking treats. What happens when you have a dog? Well, will give you some inspiration for the 31st October holiday this year for the best halloween dog costumes.
Some of the top selection include top netflix superheros, old classic like Ghostbuster, if you’re looking to show your sportier side this Halloween, then you will find we have done you some justice.
Any of you heard of Laika? Laika is a space dog that was taken to space by the soviet spaceship Sputnik.

Halloween Dog Costumes

For this to work, a great halloween costume for your dog needs to be a costume that should be worn with a buddy. It take two to tango and below we will be listing some great bargains you can pull from sites like etsy or even amazon.
The new iPhone X has pushed the boundary by creating emoji to be used for facetime. How crazy is that. Why would you use an emoticon for your face when using video call! Anyway, my point was technology has moved fast and costumes now with emoticon face. Hence why I am going to suggest getting your dog one of this technology advanced costumes with emojis. You kids will love it on your dog. Just imagine, if they lose trick or treat, they could change the face of the mood board to sad 🙁 , if they win and get a treat then you can guess, yes, a smiley :).

Superhero Costumes

1. Ghostbusters Pet Costume
2. Lion Mane Halloween Dog Costume
3. Dogs Witch Halloween Fancy Costume
4. Wonder Pet Dog Costume
5. Cowboy style Dog Costumes

Dog fashion dates back to egyptian pre-dynastic period which means that this trend is coming back. Dog fashion is a distinctive trend of the style in which people dress their canine companions and it peaks again during events like Halloween parties. Before you get this super hero costumes you might want to groom your dog with some of the best dog clippers from professional to budget value.


Please don’t forget your dog loves halloween too! These costumes have made us full of Christmas and Halloween atmosphere, get one and give your pet the Halloween it deserves.



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