Best Loose Leaf Tea UK Supplier

If you have ever visited Leaf Tea Shop (Best Loose leaf tea supplier), you will already know how good they are for their high quality beverages. If you are live in Liverpool or are there as a tourist, we emphasise that you try plan to come atleast for their tea blends since they are one of UK’s best loose tea wholesalers.

Since the very start of our tea journey, we’ve been committed to bringing you beautiful teas of the best quality, to enjoy with us and at home. That’s why our full range of teas both in our venues and shop are stored in our iconic tea caddies (which recently had a makeover!)

Leaf Tea Shop
Leaf Tea Shop – Loose leaf tea tins

It’s known that tea can spoil when it’s not in an airtight container or is exposed to light, so the new tea design not only does it preserve the quality of the loose leaf tea but it also helps maintiain its flavour and shelf life, unlike glas jars which expose tea to light and cause those benefits already listed to be compromised.

As specialist tea suppliers of the highest standards, Leaf Tea shop productas can be sampled in any of our cafes around Liverpool and Manchester. On our website you will find blogs going to detail about our traditional loose tea beverages. These include but not limitedd to black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea, fruit tea and rooibos tea. All of these provide their own unique taste and each offer something a little different that goes a long way.

Most people swear with different types of tea and these can be subjective but majority of the time most opionions can be backed by facts. Therefore, if you hear tea companies brand some of their products to have health benefits, they have done their research and this have been tried and tested for centuries in East asian empires like the chinesse.

It is one thing to have all of these loose tea products that we are wholesaling, but it would be less impactful if our prices were not so fair and affordable. Indeed, our prices are extremely reasonable, providing a terrific saving for customers based on their normal market value. They are comparable with regular tea beverages that you would find in other stores, and you are getting to experience some outstanding drinks that you can only find here at Leaf Tea Shop (Tea suppliers wholesale). For our vast range, our desire to help and advise, and our amazingly low prices, we truly are the very best loose tea wholesaler in the entire UK.

So, as you can see, there is certainly no shortage of choices when it comes to the loose tea that we supply here at Leaf Tea Shop; as a matter of fact, you will not find a greater number of options anywhere else. You can find out more by heading over to our online shop or call us to make your order.