Car Finance Deals – Jeep 4×4 SUV

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Rix Motors are Car Finance Specialists based in warrington cheshire and today courtesy of them, they have provided us with an article exploring car finance deals on one of the best tough off road 4×4 car on finance

The Jeep has always been a highly-recognisable and extremely efficient vehicle. It’s one of the larger vehicles that you will find, and with that comes a lot of horsepower that make it an absolute force on the road. The fact that it is available in multiple forms with a variety of colours only adds to its appeal. The upcoming winter season make it something of a peak time to own a Jeep, since you’ll need to be driving a car that can handle all kinds of weather and road conditions, so let’s take a closer look today at the Jeep, beginning with what we have to offer and then what you may learn by speaking to Jeep themselves.

Amongst our range of deals, we have a great offer for the Jeep Cherokee. It’s as good as new, being that it is a 2017 registration vehicle with only 10,000 miles to date. It’s available in a white bodywork, which makes it look fresh and clean, and its exterior stands out for delivering intimidation and strength. Coming with a 1956 engine, and running on diesel power with manual transmission, you can add the Jeep Cherokee to your collection for a very low price of only £81 per week. For a car that delivers so much, and for a model that is so new, this is not only a great deal for the Jeep, but a great deal for any car period.

It’s also worth considering what Jeep themselves are offering, because they are always introducing new ranges and enhancing the feature set for existing models. The Jeep Renegade, for instance, brings with it a large front grille, strong circular front headlights and plenty of space for the driver to see over the front bonnet, with an exterior that might even bring a sense of fear to other drivers! We’ve already mentioned the Cherokee, but by speaking to Jeep directly, you may find an even newer version with additional improvements, or perhaps you’re more interested in keeping costs down even further by searching for an older model from the Cherokee series.

An updated off-shoot of the Cherokee is the Grand Cherokee, with the main distance being a flatter and larger front bumper, as well as a slightly reduced grille; the idea is to provide greater functionality and a larger feature set within the car itself, as well as increased power, which in turn means a reduction in the sizes of certain exterior parts. And then there is the Jeep Wrangler, which compared to the cars that we have covered already here is totally different; it feels old-school and it is perfectly suited to driving through mud, flood and snow. It’s a great vehicle if you’re planning to drive cross-country, or if you enjoy camping and activity parks. The Wrangler stands out not only from other cars on the road, but also other cars in the Jeep showroom, and if you decide to invest in this particular vehicle, you may find it difficult to change in the future!

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