Construction Site Online Induction Systems

Our MSite technology has proven to be a major hit with leading construction firms, providing a plethora of options for construction businesses to effectively manage their workforce. This includes the induction process for employees, which in itself is greatly streamlined without compromising quality information, and here we will outline some of the key factors in the construction online inductions system provided by MSite.

To begin with, there is safety training. More than anything, it is crucial for employees to understand how they can keep themselves and their colleagues safe at all times while working on a construction site. MSite provides in-depth safety training, from general guidelines to examples of potentially hazardous situations to questions that will test one’s knowledge of how to handle any problems that may arise on sites. Of course, common sense plays a key role in being safe and keeping others safe, but it’s also easy for people to take their eye off the ball for a moment, and that is often when accidents happen. Our safety training will go into great detail to ensure that everybody will be kept safe at all times. See link below:


Next, we have employee and visitor health. It’s one thing to say that you want to work in construction, but what if you suffer from any serious health issues which would preclude you from making this a reality? Worse still, imagine if such health issues are only discovered once you’re on the job; not only could it put you at greater risk, but it also potentially creates real problems for the employer too. MSite ensures proper health checks so that everybody who will be present on construction sites is in a suitable condition to be there, and not just for employees. This will also outline how to identify health issues that visitors may have, and what health issues would prevent certain visitors from being on-site. If certain health problems are a no-no, and you’re briefed on this, then you will be aware of who should and who shouldn’t be given access as a visitor, regardless of their relation to you or anybody else.

Lastly, there is safety briefing. We’ve already covered how to be trained up to be safe and to handle problematic situations, but the safety briefing is also crucial. It acts as a safety manifesto of sorts, a clear and serious reminder to all staff about the safety regulations when working on sites and at company headquarters. Let’s not forget that this is all for the benefit of the employee, because in the event of an accident, they need to demonstrate that they were not at fault; the worst possible outcome is to learn that an employee has breached safety compliances, especially for insignificant reasons. The safety briefing provided by MSite will hammer home these messages into employees, ensuring that everybody is absolutely aware of how to comply with the company’s rules on safety at all times and also compatible with (construction skills certificate scheme) CSCS skills. An article by Ruby Spencer (eLearningIndustry) impressed me especially “Effective Online induction training – formula for success”. Its worth a read.

MSite serves many important purposes, and as you can see here, online induction systems are a particularly integral part of the service. You can read more at