Coworking Space In Liverpool

Here at Sensor City, we offer a multitude of services for businesses within Liverpool, and one of those is to offer co-working space in a friendly, vibrant and innovative environment, potentially putting organisations at the very centre of the ongoing evolution of technology, in particular sensor technology. Here, we will outline the main benefits of our co-working space for both start-ups and established businesses.

To begin with, our facilities are of the highest standard. We have 21 flexible office suites, ranging from 140 square feet to 829 square feet. If you do not require a full office room, though, our hot desks provide the perfect spot for co-working, which includes telephone and Wi-Fi connections, access to food and drink, spacious desks, charging points and other vital features which will allow you to handle all of your work tasks from our base. All you will need to bring is your computer and your phone, and we will provide the rest, ensuring that you can come in and get in work in a matter of moments.

Let’s not underestimate the importance of coworking, though. By working alongside other freelancers and/or business leaders, you will quickly be able to build up a rapport with your colleagues (who will come in and out, meaning that there will be familiar faces and also new freelancers regularly appearing), thus building up your list of contacts very quickly. This could potentially lead to the creation of strong working relationships, which may extend to you providing a service for their company or vice versa, as well as word-of-mouth from your new co-working friends expanding your profile amongst the Liverpool business community. This is a great opportunity, especially for those who are just starting off.


Now consider where you will be working from. Sensor City is based in the very heart of the city centre, within walking distance of train stations and bus stops that allow for easy access, as well as providing a car park for those driving in. You will also be able to take advantage of our meeting rooms, if you happen to be bringing in a client for a chat in between the other work that you have scheduled that day. And due to the ever-increasing importance and prevalence within office facilities of sensor technology, you can lay your marker down and have a place in this technological evolution, so that when the rest of the business district are getting to grips with and adapting to sensor technology in a few years’ time, you will be ahead of the curve, having already established yourself as forward-thinking and innovative due to your presence within the home of Liverpool’s key research centre for sensor tech.

These are the main benefits of using the co-working space here at Sensor City, but you can find out more at