How Finance Deals Are Resulting In Cleaner Cars

How Finance Deals Are Resulting In Cleaner Cars

In recent times, a number of trends have arisen within the world of car finance. One of the more surprising patterns to have emerged is the idea that finance deals for vehicles are resulting in cleaner cars, and the environment then being positively impacted. At first glance, it is hard to establish the link between the two elements, but when you delve into the matter, it becomes entirely logical, as we will now explain.

Greener Engines

We will begin by mentioning the obvious reason: more and more cars are being produced in great numbers which are designed to reduce carbon dioxide fuel emissions, instead keeping any pollution into the airwaves at an absolute minimum. Then you have the smart cars and the EV cars which bring emissions down even further, and in some cases, to such a low level that emissions are not even remotely a factor. The more that drivers get accustomed to these styles of cars, the less pollution there will be in our surroundings. So, as these vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the number of corresponding finance plans increases accordingly, so this is an understandable reason for our overriding subject, but far from the only one.

Rejecting Cars With Strong Emissions

Finance plans are designed to help motorists to buy a car at a lower price, partly because they are second-hand and have many miles on the clock. But at the same time, a driver does not want to pick out a car that is way past its sell-by-date. Therefore, whereas drivers might tolerate a vehicle they purchased brand new ending up as a gas-guzzling soot-spewing machine on the road, when they wish to buy the same car on finance, they would not accept the motor being in that same state, and so they look elsewhere. The upshot is that they will end up buying a car that is less harmful to the environment, as opposed to buying a guaranteed emission-spreader purely to save a few pounds each month. So, drivers thinking more rationally and with greater consideration is helping to make cars cleaner and more beneficial for the environment.

The Role Of Car Finance Dealerships

That being said, finance providers and dealerships are not going to green-light a plan for a car which is sending out a worryingly high amount of soot during every drive. More and more prestige cars like once sold by Rix Motors are now being produced with Hybrid functionality and we have seen brands like Jaguar, BMW and VW addressing the environments concerns. The vehicle will have been tested for safety on all levels, and that includes the impact that the vehicle is having outside of its parameters. Whereas somebody who bought a car fresh might end up encountering heavy emissions, if a vehicle is in a state of affairs where it is distributing CO2 fuel emissions at a high rate, then the car would need to be tinkered with to bring this down to a more manageable point, and if that cannot be done, then the vehicle would simply not be allocated for sale. At the end of the day, both the driver and those around the car have to be safe, and if the car is not deemed to be suitable to achieve that dual purpose, then it won’t be listed for a potential plan. This then impacts the environment positively because a potentially dangerous vehicle has been withdrawn from sale, and the more that this happens, the cleaner the airwaves will be.

Greater Car Care

We also have to point out that drivers are taking more time than they ever have before in keeping their car as clean and tidy as possible. Sure, there will be drives through muddy surfaces and wintry weather conditions which make it inevitable for the vehicle to be dirty, but motorists are ensuring that their vehicles are looking fresh and ready for another run-around as quickly as they can. This doesn’t apply to all drivers, but a lot of motorists do take the time to ensure their car is clean even when there is only a small amount of dirt present on the interior and exterior, and this can only be good for the surroundings.

Not Retaining Cars Long-Term – Finance deals

We mentioned about how a vehicle can start off in an excellent condition, only to deteriorate over time. This can’t really be avoided, but what many drivers are doing when it comes to their finance plans is changing course and switching vehicles at a stage when the car is still thoroughly capable despite having some wear and tear, but hasn’t yet reached the stage where it is becoming potentially harmful to the climate. As a result, we are not experiencing as many situations where cars are heading out on the road guaranteed to pollute the air around us, and instead those machines are either left in the showroom, or their parts are fixed and/or removed entirely to ensure that those vehicles will never reach the stage of causing massive pollution within the sky above us. The upshot is that, by avoiding long-term car retention, a greater percentage of vehicles are only bringing about minimal emissions, with the cars most likely to achieve the opposite shrinking in number.


So, as you can see, there are a number of factors to explain why car finance plans are helping to bring about cleaner cars. We should also point out, though, that if drivers are planning to return their vehicles at the end of a finance deal, then they must ensure that the vehicles are in the best condition possible, and therefore it is in their best interests to keep their car as clean as possible or risk potential financial penalties, which is a fate they wish to avoid. All of these make it more environmentally-friendly to be driving than ever before, and given the direction that the automotive industry is heading, this is a welcome turn of events that will only become more prevalent in the years to come, with the concept of finance plans playing a key role.

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