Queue Measurement System for Site Access Control

MFlow & MSite softwares have many benefits, and one of them concerns how the technology will help in traffic management (airports using MFlow Queue Measurement System) and act as a site access control system for managers of construction teams. We have listed some of the main features and benefits below for MSite and will feature benefits of MFlow ( https://www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/mflow/ ) in another article .

Site access means exactly that: having the opportunity to visit the online portal that provides thorough, “live” information on a construction site. This can be visited anytime, anywhere, so if the manager is visiting another site, in a meeting, or even on holiday, they will still have the chance to check out what is happening on-site, and in the unlikely event that they would be needed to take action (such as an accident happening amongst the employees), they will be able to contact the team directly via MSite to send messages that would be relayed to all on hand. In a nutshell, it ensures 24/7 access and control for site managers, whether they happen to be present with the team or not.

It also provides a straightforward introduction to a project, the site itself and the workforce for a manager. After all, especially if they work for a large organisation, they will know the main details and the key members of the team, but they won’t know everybody or everything, and it would take them a lot of time – too much time, you might say – to get the in’s and out’s of every tiny aspect. The MSite technology speeds this up significantly, and even if they still aren’t aware of every facet of the site or the team, they can find out anything that they need to know with the click of a button, thus giving them a greater sense of control when they look to access the site.

And it can also be beneficial for the staff themselves to learn more about what they are doing. Of course, the amount of control they would have is limited in comparison to the managers, just because that is how internal computer systems work. But, assuming that the project manager approves of such a move, there is the opportunity for staff members to use the system themselves, find out basic details that they may have struggled to discover otherwise, and to generally come away with a greater understanding of where they are working at that moment, what they are specifically working on, and who exactly they are working with, a boon for a project that has an ever-changing workforce with little time to embed new members.

These are the key benefits of a site access control system, and MSite is the sector leader for such software within construction. Learn more at www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/msite.