The Best Right-To-Work Check Software In Construction

MSite is not only considered the very best and most innovative employee-management online software programme within the construction industry, but it also serves a vital purpose when it comes to determining one’s right to work for an organisation. Indeed, there are several factors which deliver such checks to the highest possible standard, and we will go into detail about these today.

Firstly, MSite will carry out a thorough check of a new employee’s basic details, from their work experience to their qualifications to their national insurance number. In addition, for those who were not born in the UK, there will be in-depth checks of their nationality and background prior to entering the country, along with noting whether they have anything to declare, such as a criminal record. Of course, should there be any issues which cause alarm bells, so to speak, these will be picked upon and noted too. Either way, the initial checks that can often be time-consuming are covered quickly and definitively by MSite. See more information here


Secondly, once an employee is deemed eligible to work for the organisation in terms of background checks, it is then time to carry out health and safety tests. This will identify whether the employee is in a good enough condition to be able to work on-site, and it will pick up on any lingering short-term or long-term issues they may have. Assuming that they pass the mandatory health tests, they will then be required to undergo online safety training, which includes them being given the company’s safety briefing, all of which will educate them to look after themselves and their colleagues on-site at all times.

Lastly, it is then about determining how the new employee’s skill set can be applied to the benefit of the organisation; in other words, which areas of the company will they be most valuable? MSite will provide some short tests for the employee, and at that stage, it will be determined if they are suitable for a particular role on a site and, perhaps more importantly, if there are any tasks which they are not ready to carry out. We mentioned safety in the previous paragraph, and it arises again here, because even the world’s most dedicated employee should not be allocated a job that they are physically not trained to perform safely. Of course, the company will have a good idea about where different employees will be used, but these tests are designed to ensure that everybody is truly eligible for the tasks they have been given.


So, as you can see, MSite manages to pack in plenty of options as it pertains to determining one’s right to work for the company, and in what area they would be most suitable. You can learn more at